Installation of the fire suppression sprinkler system was completed a week ago in the basement.  Hoito was shutdown for a total of four days.  At the same time, accessibility improvements were done in the washrooms and a new support wall was constructed in preparation for the upcoming main floor elevator.  Ceiling tiles in the restaurant and kitchen were also replaced.

The small building addition on the Algoma side is coming along nicely.  It will contain the entrance to the street level elevator which will service the basement and the main floor.

Please check back often.  Information presented here will provide important updates on a number of things related to the organization and  its activities.

Building Renovations

The Finlandia Club has secured approximately $1,400,000 so far for the building renovations from all sources.  More than $600,000 is still needed to cover all the expected costs of the renovation.

The renovations are planned currently to take place in three phases as follows:

Phase1:  Building Accessibility and fire suppression Improvements

This phase will introduce two low use elevators that will give wheel chair accessibility to all three  levels of the building: the Hoito restaurant, the main hall as well as the second level.  All three levels will also have new barrier free washrooms.  At the completion of Phase1, the building will be protected with a fire sprinkler system.  Work on Phase1 is expected to start Spring, 2010.  Stay tuned for the latest information in this Blog!

Phase II:  Building envelope (exterior) and the roof.  Expected start is Spring/Summer 2010.

Phase III:  Building interior.  Expected start is Summer/Fall 2010.

Check back for news and information here as we move forward with our plans.